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   General presentation
   Accounts databases
   Database list
   Database properties

Accounts databasesAccounts databases

With Ma Tirelire v2 it is possible to manage several account databases.

But whay would you want to do that I hear you cry. Well, maybe you would want to separate your personal accounts from your business accounts, with a third database for your achives...

Or a demonstration database for Ma Tirelire v2 so you can do some advertising...:-)

The only limit is your imagination...:-)

So, when you first start the programme you have to create at least one database.

Database list

   New allows the user to create a database.:-)
   Open allows the user to open the selected account database, which takes you directly to the Accounts list for that database.
   Properties allows the user to access the database parameters, see below.
   Clone allows the user to clone a complete database to archive it or to make some tests.

Database properties

   Name, well, that's obvious... :-)

   Launchable allows to make the accounts database visible in the Palm Launcher. This way, one can launch Ma Tirelire and then open this database directly.
The accounts databases have always "MaTi=" prepended to their name. This allow to find them quickly.
When a database is launchable, this prefix is missing. It allows to have a beautiful name in the launcher. ;-)
   Compute repeats automatically allows the repeating operations to be automatically updated on Ma Tirelire.
For repeat parameters please see Transaction Properties under "Repeats" tab.
It is possible to manually start the repeat update. (See "Misc" Menu)
   View repeats ?? days before date defines the time at which the transaction repeat will be calculated.
For example: 15 days => the next occurrance of the transaction will only be visible in the transaction list 15 days before it's due date. The prevents an overload of the transaction list.
   Use the conduit tick this option if you wish to retrieve your data on your computer via the conduit (additional programme created by Jean-Noël Casassus).
For more information on the conduit please visit
This option has an effect on the deletion of transactions; if it is active then the transactions will not be really deleted until the next synchronisation.

These options refer all screens that list transactions. Transactions, flagged, statistics results, repeats and clearing list screens.

   Sort by valuation date allows the user to sort the transaction list by the valuation dates instead of the trasnaction date.
   Display valuation date allows the valuation date to be shown instead of the transaction date in the transaction list.
   Display type instead of desc. allows to display the transaction type instead of the usual description.

   DBase access code allows the user to limit access to the database with a password, but be careful of memory failures...:-)
   Refuse global find allows the database to be excluded from the PalmOS find function except when Ma Tirelire 2 is currently running for the database currently opened.

Nothing to say, just get writing...:-)

   Delete allows the user to delete both the database AND the associated accounts.
The Delete button will only appear if you access this window through the Database List window.
When deleting the database you will also delete all the associated accounts and all the transactions contained within them...
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