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   Old ones...

Old ones...Old ones...


Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1608.

   Now fields focuses are working correctly on recent Palms;
   Palm Nav feature supported in edit transaction screen;
   Improve tabs redrawing when focus ring moves on recent Palms. Not perfect yet;
   In clearing intro form, select the target balance so you can now erase it directly by typing a new one;
   In list screens on recent Palms, one can use the 5-way navigator as on T|T ;
   Add prev/next buttons, menu items and page UP/DOWN handling in transaction edit screen;
   Use last version of PalmResize library from Alexander R. Pruss;
   Some other minor corrections...;



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1512.

   All screens now have a menu, except About, Alarm and Password ones;
   Now database auto-correction is now able to correct erroneous splitted transactions and create inexistent types, modes and currencies. Remind that auto-correction is called when a Ma Tirelire database (including Ma Tirelire itself) is installed on the device;
   The database auto-correction can now be called from the databases list screen menu;
   In transaction edit screen, in split tab, display type when description is empty;
   When clearing, the last statement number is now searched 200 transactions backward, instead of 50;
   Some bugs corrected.



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1450.

   Transation splits implemented, but not yet handled in statistics;
   Add auto-lock on power off feature;
   Add last rates date/time in currencies list screen when using external currencies database;
   Correct resize bug when changing list screen size in full screen mode;
   Types popup in transaction edit screen now don't list types with wrong sign;
   Correct bad insertion position when saving transactions;
   Correct (last) redraw problems;
   T|T users can now select tabs with 5-way navigator select key;
   Many minor bugs corrected;



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1403.

   New screen for listing repeats (from transactions list screen, Account menu -> View repeats...);
   screen redraws fully reworked, tell me if you see any problem now;
   In clearing list form, auto-clearing can now be configured to give more accurate result;
   In clearing list form, one can now sort by amount;
   In databases list screen, the last open or edited database is now selected;
   In database properties, it is now possible to choose to display transaction type instead of description in all transactions lists;
   Now paste function works correctly in numeric fields. Numbers containing spaces, foreign decimal separator or signs can now be pasted;
   In transactions list, when transforming flagged to checked with statement number handling enabled in account properties, statement number is queried;
   In account properties and preference screens, one can use the left and right 5-way navigator keys of T|T to change tab;
   Changing transaction date didn't move transaction to the right place. Corrected.



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1393.

   Auto clearing and sort features added to clearing screen;
   Add some redraws to avoid blank screen problems;
   Correct a possible crash in stats results screen after editing several transactions ;
   Correct a possible crash in clearing screen on palms with a virtual graffiti area ;
   Minor fixes...



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1384.

   New clearing screen. See in "Account" menu entry of transactions list screen (to do : automatic clearing and transactions sorting);
   Export feature added to flagged and statistics results lists. See in "Misc" menu entry;
   Other minor fixes and optimizations...



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1364.

   Flagging engine added in the transactions list;
   "Compute repeats on startup" DB option becomes "Compute repeats automatically", so repeats computing can now be handled by hand;
   Minor fixes in types popup management code;
   Repeats are computed if needed at the exit of the DB properties screen.



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1357.

   In statistics form, "On" popup always selected first entry (All) when using last criterias or saved ones. Corrected;
   In statistics form, "Last" and "Last but one month" in "Between" popup gave incorrect month. Corrected;
   In statistics results screens, when "type with descendants" checkbox was checked, incorrect results displayed. Corrected;
   In transactions list stats and flagged screens, checked drawing was incorrect in left handed mode. Corrected.



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1356.

   Correct transactions sort bug introduced in the last beta;
   Correct transactions list stats bug. The last one?



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1355.

   Some big bugs corrected in transactions list in statistics results and in the flagged screen;
   Add second currency rate line in the transaction edit screen (currency tab);
   Sort by valuation date reworked. Now the valuation date is taken first (as before) then the transaction date (new), then the transaction time. To update your databases, edit the database properties, uncheck the "Sort by valuation date", click on "OK", re-edit the database properties and check the "Sort by valuation date" before exiting by "OK".



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1351.

   In stats, types can now be folded/unfolded. The sum of a folded type is the sum of its own + the sum of all its sub-types;
   In types stats, a tap on a folded type will display all transactions of this type and of its sub-types;
   In types stats, long tap is now more verbose;
   In types or modes stats, if short tap on a mode/type with no transaction behind, now display the long tap message ;
   Correct long tap display bug in statistics;
   In transaction edit screen, when the selected mode is "Unknown" or the selected type is "Unfiled", the item is no longer made visible. This allows to select easily another item at the top of the list without scrolling up.;
   In the transactions list, if a transaction doesn't have a description, display its type instead;
   In statistics form, checkbox added at the right of the type popup, to allow to view the type AND all its sub-types;



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1343.

   Statistics are available. One can use them from the transactions list or from the accounts list screens "Misc" menu;
   The flagged screen list is available. It is available from the transaction list menu;
   In transactions list, long clic on a transaction with currency didn't display the good currency. Corrected;
   In transaction edit, account change didn't rebuild the types, modes and descriptions lists. Corrected;
   In account properties, one can now see/edit the flag state right to the account name;
   The overdrawn account alert didn't appear anymore when entering Ma Tirelire via the Palm Find feature;
   And the usual minor fixes...



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1331.

   Palm Find feature implemented. Account properties and transaction are searched. You can read the end of the Ma Tirelire 1 documentation to understand all search tricks. They are the same plus:
-   for transactions, statement number is searched as cheque one,
-   for accounts properties, initial balance is only searched for strict equality, account number and note are searched too.
   Databases list screen didn't expand properly on large OS5 screens. Corrected;
   The overdrawn accounts thresholds management reworked. The alert boxes now display correctly when the two thresholds don't equal.



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1330.

   Transactions list and accounts list screens have now title sub-menus to access others accounts and databases;
   Statistics first form implemented. Stats results still not implemented, but one can use this screen to save search options. As an example, press "View" button then go to the "v Between" popup menu. A line "Previous stats..." appeared at the end of the list with a right arrow. Clicking on it will show you the 14 last (and different) search you made in this accounts database;
   Accounts database access code fully operational. If present, it is requested before each access to a new accounts database and after the idle timeout;
   The currencies management was totally reworked in the transaction edit screen. This new management is more coherent, thanks to Frederic for his help. When a new currency is selected, the main sum never change, it is only the currency tab one that do. The re-selection of the current currency allows to update the currency tab sum;
   Accounts properties were altered after a Hotsync. Corrected;
   Some bugs fixes;



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1315.

   Cloning of accounts databases is now available (in databases list screen);
   Accounts databases are now checked after each Hotsync and corrected if needed at the next launch (as in M1);
   Accounts databases sorting is now implemented;
   Support launchable accounts databases (see database properties screen). Note that when a database is launchable, the `MaTi=' prefix is omitted from its internal name. Not all launchers support this feature, at least Palm ones from OS 3.5;
   String truncating is now multi-bytes chars compliant (used in types popups for example);
   Some problems occured in list screens when left handed mode was enabled. Corrected;
   Can now go to the accounts databases list screen from the transactions list screen via the menu bar (/B);
   No more crash occur when the default database don't exist;
   Minor bug fixes.



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1301.

   Alarm management is implemented;
   Overdrawn account management is now implemented;
   When statement number management is enabled, clicking outside the popup cancel the (un)clearing;
   Auto-cheque selection now selects the first "auto-cheque" mode in transaction edit screen;
   Increment bug when using more than one chequebook. Corrected;
   When copying a transaction with "original" date, copy the valuable date too if present;
   In transaction edit screen, changing occurences field contents updates the repeat end date at fly;
   In transaction edit screen, left and right keys of the Tungsten 5-way navigator now cycle tabs;
   In list screens, left key of the Tungsten 5-way navigator now expand to full screen;
   The conversion specifications, in macros, can now contain optional field, as follows: %-Z, %-nZ, %+Z or %+nZ, where `n' is a number (1 or 2 digits) and Z is one of D, T, M, m, Y or d.
For example:
-   %M is replaced by the full month name of the transaction,
-   %-2M is replaced by the full month name of the transaction less two,
-   %+2M is replaced by the full month name of the transaction plus two,
-   %-M is same as %-1M,
-   %+M is same as %+1M,
For %D, the optional number represents days and for %T, it represents hours;
   Minor bug fixes;



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1298.

   If you encounter square symbols at the end of lines in list screens, do a soft reset. With your stylus or a paper clip, press the reset button behind your Palm. It is an old bug from the beta 1281;
   Purge feature implemented, you can access it via the menu of the transaction list screen;
   Macros descriptions can now contain conversion specifications. A conversion specification consists of a percent sign % and one other character. The conversion specifications are copied to the description field after expansion as follows:
-   %D is replaced by the date of the transaction in short format,
-   %T is replaced by the time of the transaction,
-   %M is replaced by the full month name of the transaction,
-   %m is replaced by the month of the transaction as a decimal number,
-   %Y is replaced by the year of the transaction,
-   %d is replaced by the day of the transaction,
-   %A is replaced by the account name of the transaction,
-   %B is replaced by the database name of the transaction,
-   %x is replaced by the transfer account name of the transaction (empty if non existent),
-   %X is replaced by "AAA -> BBB" where AAA is the account of the transaction and BBB is the transfert account if the transaction is a debit, or the inverse if the transaction is a credit,
-   %% is replaced by a single % ;
   All critical alerts (as delete confirmation ones) modified to place the cancel button at left and confirmation at right. Cancel is always the default button, in case you quit the application during the alert display;
   Progress bars now appear when a computation take more than 1/4 second;
   Add "Each 2 years" repeat choice in transaction edit screen;
   Correct a bug that can cause crash-loop when doing a reset, sync or find;
   "Go to date..." is added and implemented in the menu of the transactions list screen;
   "Use conduit" database preference (not the Ma Tirelire preferences one) was not used for transactions deletion. Corrected ;



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1288.

   A bug in the converter made the account properties contents invalid (bad number of cheques per chequebook, chequebooks, account # and note). If you can't re-convert your M1 accounts, then re-edit each account properties and reset/initialize all these fields;
   If enabled in account properties, the statement # management is implemented. Try to clear transactions with it;
   Auto cheque number feature is working now. No need to edit account properties, chequebook creation and deletion are made at fly when typing respectively the first and the last cheque number;
   Super-mega-killer feature: if a repeated transaction contains, in its desc, (3), the next repeated transaction will contain (4) etc. Even more, if it contains (february), the next will contain (march), etc. For months, it works with short words on 3 chars: (jan) => (feb) => (mar) => etc. And upper case letters? It's OK too!!! (May) => (June) or (AUGUST) => (SEPTEMBER) Aaaaaaaaargggg!!!! It's crazy!!!!!!!!!!!
   In accounts list, "DB properties" & "back to DBs" entries are swapped in DB popup menu;
   If M2 is bound to a hard key, this hard key cycles accounts in the transactions list and in the account properties (as UP/DOWN keys and only if called from the accounts list);
   In the transactions list, long clic on an entry is now working;
   In the transactions list, first/next arrows (at the top right) are fully functionnal. A long clic on them allows you to configure the action provided without editing preferences;
   In the transactions list menu, all entries are working now except Pre-clearing, Purge cleared, View flagged and Stats;
   DBase properties can now be edited from the transactions list screen;
   5-way OK in all case. Same features as in M1 and even more;
   Ellipsis char (...) width sometimes bad computed. Corrected;
   Screen update when returning from preferences screen and pasword dialog was popped up;



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1281.

   In modes, "0 days before/after" is now allowed. It allows to reset the valuable date in transaction edition;
   On OS 5, in transaction edit, can't click on transfer or checked buttons. Corrected (now really);
   Still a bug when drawing check & flag in transactions list. Corrected;
   Redraw problem when deleting xfer link in transaction edition. Corrected.



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1280.

   Repeats are now working and more efficiently than in M1;
   In macros, "Xfer" and "In account" fields can now contains the caseless beginning of an account name OR a case sensitive wildcard. If multiple accounts match, keep the first:
-   acc matches account, Account, ACCOUNT,
-   Acc* matches Account, but not account nor ACCOUNT;
   The execution of a macro that contains the fields "Xfer" and/or "In account" is now correct;
   Beta warning alert box is now optional;
   In transaction edit form, a repeat display bug sometimes occured. Corrected;
   In accounts list and transactions list, add a star at the end of the sum date when it is incremented or decremented;
   "Display valuation date" DB property works now. Note that the DB reordering is still not implemented;
   Transactions list not redrawn when date and time changed via the contextual menu. Corrected;
   Copy and delete via the contextual menu in the transactions list implemented;
   On OS 5, in transaction edit, can't click on transfer or checked buttons. Corrected.



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1277.

   Still a drawing bug for flagged transaction, correctd;
   Transactions list not correctly updated when scrolling, corrected.



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1275.

   Crashes when screen updates related to the Dynamic Input Area, corrected;
   In transactions list, triangles of date of the amount withdrawal and flagged were not drawn correctly, corrected;
   Fixed crash occuring in some Xfer cases;
   Minor fixes...



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1274.

   Transferts and currencies are now fully fonctionnal ;
   Large screens (Handera, Sony and OS5) are now fully supported with the help of the PalmResize library from Alexander R. Pruss;
   All numeric fields have now the NUMERIC attribute, so Treo (and smartphones?) users can use the numeric pad.
Note that one can still use period or comma as the decimal separator, but it is transformed at fly if the character is not the system decimal separator;
   In the preferences screen, the screen is redrawn when back from the color picker dialog. It seems that the OS don't send a redraw event;
   Some corrections in the redraw procedures;
   New preference option "Numeric fields auto-select" that allows to select the contents of NUMERIC fields when they are focused;
   Space char in numeric field select the whole field. Useful to quickly replace numeric field contents;
   Scrollbar disappeared when switching to left handed mode. Corrected;
   Transfers could not be bold drawn nor colored. Corrected;
   When euro is the first default currency, use "E" instead of the euro symbol in OSes < 3.5;
   Fix crash when displaying macro shortcuts in macros lists in OSes < 3.5;
   Backup bit not set on databases accounts. Corrected. You have to set it yourself for already existing databases;
   The preference option "The descriptions replace" is now working, descriptions can be inserted when unchecked;
   In the transaction screen, for a new transaction, if the first mode (in the global modes list) was filtered, it appeared anyway. Corrected.



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1172.

   Crash when dragging stylus from description to date in transactions list screen => corrected;
   Problem when Palm OS >= 3.5 and black&white => corrected;
   Time not visually updated in transaction edition screen => corrected;
   Dialogs redraw problems => corrected (except in preferences screen when more than 256 colors are in use: the OS didn't send a refresh event);
   Sony and Handera support added to FontBucket;
   The scrollbar didn't appear when necessary in transactions list screen => corrected;
   Drawing bug when deselecting an account in the accounts list screen => corrected;
   Impossible to scroll in the transactions list screen => corrected;
   In the transaction edit screen, if descriptions or modes were updated, the list was not updated => corrected;


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