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   Old ones...



The sources of Ma Tirelire release 2.1.1 are now available!

You can find them on GitHub. Enjoy!


Ma Tirelire release 2.1.1.

A new minor release to add two more languages: chinese and breton. all languages [919KB]

 MaTirelire-en-2.1.1.prc english version [329KB]

 MaTirelire-fr-2.1.1.prc french version [331KB]

 MaTirelire-de-2.1.1.prc german version [330KB]

 MaTirelire-it-2.1.1.prc italian version [331KB]

 MaTirelire-br-2.1.1.prc breton version [330Ko]

 MaTirelire-tw-2.1.1.prc chinese version [324Ko]

You will find the documentation on the site or :

 MaTirelire-21-en.pdf in PDF format [778KB]

No fundamental changes since v2.1, only comestic ones.


Ma Tirelire release 2.1.

At last the first production release of Ma Tirelire 2 is available!

After more than 4 years after the famous 1.0.8 release, this new release comes with many new features, latest PDA support and an increased stability.

There was too many beta to create the 2.0 version, so I prefered to release the production version with a new minor number: 2.1 all languages [614KB]

 MaTirelire-en-2.1.prc english version [329KB]

 MaTirelire-fr-2.1.prc french version [331KB]

 MaTirelire-de-2.1.prc german version [330KB]

 MaTirelire-it-2.1.prc italian version [331KB]

You will find the documentation on the site or :

 MaTirelire-21-en.pdf in PDF format [778KB]

For those who followed the beta saga, you will find the last corrections below:

   In the transactions list, repeats amounts have now the debit or credit color, but not the repeats one anymore;
   New high-density icon design;
   Derniers bugs connus corrigés...


New website designed by Gofre with Daniel Pontreau's full documentation in english and french languages online or in PDF...

 MaTirelire-21-en.pdf in PDF format [778KB]


Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 2196.

   Negative splits are now possible: splits can now have negative amounts, but the sum of all splits must stay lesser or equal in absolute value than the transaction amount;
   %V can now be used in macros to paste the current clipboard contents when the macro is used ;
   In addition, still in macros, between the character % and the T, m, M, Y, d and D letters one can add a ~ alone or in addition to the - or + characters. It allows to be more useful when using macros:
%~... works on: :
-   T (hours, if minutes > 30 then next hour)
-   m and M (if day > 15, then next month)
-   Y (if month > 6, then next year)
-   d and D (if hour > 12, then one day more)
For example (+ and - alone are here only for reminder):
Macro launched on...2007/122008/01
For example the macro: "Interest %~-Y" can be used the 31th december or the 1st january of the next year equally.
Same applies for "Salary %-~M" and so on...
   Currencies databases of Currency4 are now (at last) fully handled. Thanks Thierry!
   Several infrequent but big bugs corrected...

 MaTirelire2-b2196-en.prc english version

 MaTirelire2-b2196-fr.prc french version

 MaTirelire2-b2196-de.prc german version

 MaTirelire2-b2196-it.prc italian version


Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 2080.

   External currencies problems corrected. Can now use properly Currency4 AND Ma Tirelire currencies databases;
   Treo users can now do many things with the keyboard:
-   SPACE key is like long click in list screens;
-   RETURN key validates most dialog boxes (except when the focus is on a multiline editable field);
-   OPTION+UP/DOWN keys go to top/bottom of list in list screens.
   In clearing list screen, RIGHT key permits to clear/unclear a transaction (in keyboard mode, enabled by CENTER key);
   Repeats screen list sometimes displayed erroneous sum. Corrected.
   Other corrections/fixes...

 MaTirelire2-b2080-en.prc english version

 MaTirelire2-b2080-fr.prc french version

 MaTirelire2-b2080-de.prc german version

 MaTirelire2-b2080-it.prc italian version


Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1984.

   Add german and italian versions;
   Correct crash in statistics results screen, when selecting an amount;
   "Action" popup introduced in "Search & Flag" dialog;
   Split icon now appears in front of description of splitted transactions, in transactions lists;
   Correct a minor bug when trying to select a signed sub-type in type popup, in transaction edit screen;
   Graffiti state indicator now appears in split edit screen;
   "About Ma Tirelire 2" screen changes to list translators more clearly.

 MaTirelire2-b1984-en.prc english version

 MaTirelire2-b1984-fr.prc french version

 MaTirelire2-b1984-de.prc german version

 MaTirelire2-b1984-it.prc italian version


Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1932.

   In statistics result screen, matched splits are now displayed;
   In transactions list screens, valuable date and flagged triangles are now drawed in high density mode on compliant devices;
   In transactions list screens, long clicks now display splits (at least first);
   Ma Tirelire can now use two sources for daily updating user currencies rates:
-   Ma Tirelire external currencies database (,
-   Currency 4 currencies database (,
   Using the Palm find feature, when the searched word is found in a splitted transaction, one can display directly this split;
   Mini statistics can now call Statistics (button added);
   Transactions amounts can now be searched in "Search & flag" screen;
   In transaction split edit screen, a crash could occur: corrected;
   Many minor bugs corrected...



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1802.

   Add a "Mini statistics" screen in the transactions list screen. It can be called by pressing the "%" sign at the top of screen or by accessing menu in "Misc" part (shortcut /8);
   Statistics reworked, they now work on splitted transactions (the final transactions list screen still displays the full transactions instead of matched splits. To be continued);
   In account properties, add the "Keep last typed date" option. It allows to create transactions with the same date as the last entered one, instead of the today one;
   In accounts list screen, the currency was not saved correctly when loading another accounts database. Corrected;
   In accounts list screen, if Ma Tirelire is bound on a hard key, go to the next accounts database when this hard key is pressed;
   In purge, stats, mini stats and search screens, dates can be bound together;
   In clearing form, last sort and sum choices are now saved in the accounts database preferences;
   In accounts database list screen, redraw correctly screen after a clone;
   In the main statistics screen, accounts selection differs a tiny bit;



Ma Tirelire 2.0 beta 1622.

   In transaction edit screen, the transaction account change is possible again (bug introduced in the last beta);
   Handle correctly Treo600 navigator;
   In list screens, when switching from fullscreen with the list at bottom, the list stay at bottom;
   In transaction edit screen, next/previous buttons now redraw correctly when changing transaction account;
   Now can correct transaction amount when splits sum is too big before saving;
   Minor bugs corrected.


The older ones...

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