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   General presentation
   Accounts databases

General presentationGeneral presentation

Ma Tirelire is software for managing your accounts and fully able to meet your needs. (if you are the lucky owner of a PalmOS PDA or PocketPC owner in this case have a look to the FAQ.)

Version 2 of the software is a notable and major evolution.

It includes all those functions which were so successfully integrated in the first version of the software (more than 85.000 downloads!!!):

   Multi accounts management
   Inter-account transfers
   Value date management based on the payment mode
   Transaction repeats
   Simple utilisation due to a user friendly interface
   Classification of transations by category or type
   Cheque number management
   Transaction clearing
   Automation of transaction entry using macro commands
   Account statistics

and allows things such as:

   Management of multiple accounts databases (allowing personal, professional or archived accounts to be managed in parallel)
   Simple macro command programming
   Management of 4 cheque books per account
   Personalisation of the interface (fonts and colours)
   Sub-category creation
   Definition of alert limits for each acocunt
   Currency management with exchange rate updates
   Transactions breaking-down

This documentation will allow you to discover in detail all of the elements, both old and new that make up Ma Tirelire v2. It will also answer all you questions, and more... :-)

Happy reading...

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