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The menusThe menus

"Account" menu

This menu is only accessible from the transaction list and pulls together all the most useful functions

   Pre-clearing... /L for more details on this function please look at chapter Pre-clearing.
   Purge cleared... for more details on this function please look at chapter Cleared.
   View repeats... /R allows to view on one screen all the repeated transactions of the account. So it is a filter on repeats. ;-)
   Delete all... Danger!!!! This is the point of no return!
   Properties... allows to access to the Account properties.
   DBase properties... allows to access to the Database properties.
   Accounts list... /O allows to display the Accounts list.:-)
   Manage DBases... /B allows to display the Databases list.

"Flag" menu

The flag menu is only accessible from the transactions list and pulls together the actions related to flags.

Only two of the menu items maybe require an explanation:

   Flagged -> cleared /E allows the user to change all flagged transactions to a cleared status.
   View flagged... /V allows the user to view a list of only flagged transactions.

"Go to" menu

This menu is only accessible from the transaction list and pulls together the actions related to navigating and searching the transactions list.

I think that in this case all of the menu items are self explanitary, except perhaps:

   Date... /A which allow to choose a precise date to go to. :-)

"Misc" menu

The Misc menu is accessible from the transactions list and the accounts list (in a reduced form). Various miscellaneous options are collected here, as the name might suggest.:-)

   Copy sum /C no comment...
   Descriptions... /D gives access to the Macro Descriptions list.
   Types... /T gives access to the Operation Type list.
   Modes... /M gives access to the Payment Modes list.
   Currencies... /Y gives access to the Currencylist.
   Statistics... /S provides a method of viewing account activity, see the Statistics chapter.
   Short statistics... /8 allows to display some basic informations about your account, see the Short statistics chapter.
   Preferences... /P gives access to Ma Tirelire parameters. (See preferences)
   Compute repeats /R for more information see operation properties under "Repeats".
   About Ma Tirelire Go on, guess...:-)


   The Left hand mode inverts certain functions.
   Numeric fields auto-select allows the whole of the numeric field to be selected with one click.
This is very useful for replacing a sum without having to delete it first.
   Access Code allows a password to be set blocking the launch of Ma Tirelire to strangers.
It is also possible to add an auto lock.
This function is both different AND complementary to the database protection by password. (See database properties under "Security".)
   Auto lock after allow to define the inactivity timeout (between Never and 5 min) after which the use of Ma Tirelire is automatically locked.
   Auto lock on power off allows to lock Ma Tirelire access when the Palm is switched off.

More precisions about lock, for memory you can define an access code for Ma Tirelire and an acess code for each database (DB code).

If the access code for Ma Tirelire is defined AND the default database one is defined too, the both codes will be asked when Ma Tirelire will start.

First the access code for Ma Tirelire, then the database one when it is opened (DB code).

In this case (2 codes), it is the database access code that is used when Ma Tirelire is automatically locked after an inactivity timeout. The other (M2 code) is only used when the application starts.

If only the default database has an access code, its code (DB code) will be asked when the database will be opened.

Below is a table that summarizes that:

Access code defined When Ma Tirelire starts Database opening After inactivity timeout
only on Ma Tirelire M2 code No code M2 code
only on database [DB code] DB code DB code
on Ma Tirelire and database M2 code DB code DB code

[DB code]: When the database is opened by default, otherwise no code is required.

   Used font in lists allows the display font to be changed.
to increase the number of available fonts you can install the free FontBucket program.
   Line attributes for... allows the list display properties (such as colour) to be changed to better identify a transaction type (debit, credit, etc.) in the transaction list.

The black and white display on the left...

When PalmOS handle colour, the List tab allows to change the colour of "Repeats", "Transfers", "Credits" and "Debits" lines.

For an example, go to the chapter on how to Change the list display properties.

   The descriptions replace will ensure that the description provided in the macros replaces any user entered description for a given transaction.
   first/next allows the user to define the role of the two arrow icons in the transactions list.
   OS>3.0 time selector allows the user to change the displayed time selector (see below).

Old time selector format.

New time selector format for OS version 3.0 and above.

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